Website maintenance is a series of tasks that are performed on your website for performance and overall health. It is essential to monitor your website to ensure it is always up and running with no issues. Some of the tasks performed during maintenance are quite simple, while others require a higher technical skillset. 

To properly monitor and maintain a website, maintenance must be performed regularly. First, you must examine your website for bugs and errors and correct issues as they are found. Additionally, regularly upgrading security software and plugins, taking backups, and monitoring speed performance to satisfy your site visitors should be done. Some tasks are time-sensitive and require more frequent maintenance. 

Website Maintenance Checklist

Just as your health might deteriorate if you don’t have regular checkups, so can the health of your website. Regular website monitoring is essential for keeping your business functioning effectively. Website security, updates, and patches are the most time-sensitive. 

Check that all your internet platforms are secure, plugins are up to date, and your website is backed up. This will help you prevent the loss of essential data and protect your website against hackers.

You should also evaluate your website’s performance with Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool, which provides information on how your site performs across browsers and devices. It will offer information on areas that can be improved upon to speed up the page load of your web pages.  

Maintenance Tasks

The below list of website maintenance tasks is a high-level list and is in no way a complete list of all maintenance items.

  • Ensure all pages are loading correctly.
  • Backup your website (depending on the website, you may want daily backups)
  • Update website software and plugins.
  • Verify that all of your forms are functioning correctly.
  • Get rid of any spam comments on pages and posts.
  • Audit your website to identify broken links, missing alt text, missing meta descriptions, and technical errors such as 404 errors (page not found). 
  • Check your website’s load speed and ensure nothing is slowing down.
  • Examine your security scans to ensure nothing is out of place.
  • Examine the prior month’s website data.
  • Check to ensure your website is loading correctly on all devices and browsers.

technical errorsA Good Website Maintenance Strategy is Ongoing

As we see from our checklist, website maintenance should regularly be a component of your business. Not applying a proper maintenance strategy can cause significant issues and setbacks. In addition, maintaining website health requires awareness and organization. This is especially true for a large site with hundreds (or thousands) of pages.

Website sizes are increasing yearly due to the emergence of new technologies to make website creation easier. While adding pages to most websites is simple, keeping all of your pages in excellent condition is more challenging.

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Why Is Website Maintenance Necessary?

Many new businesses have enough on their plates without worrying about continually checking in on their website. It’s tempting to acquire a domain name, set up a website, and then worry about it later. While this might sound ok, it is a bad idea. A current, healthy, and active website is essential for various reasons.

Improve the security and protection of your website

Hackers, believe it or not, are constantly searching for security flaws in your website. Using website maintenance services can help you detect problems on your site early on and swiftly correct them to prevent cybersecurity assaults. In addition, you may improve website security and protection by updating passwords regularly, deleting obsolete applications and plugins, and performing frequent backups.

Backup your website’s data with confidence

You will always have a remote server backup of your website data with the assistance of website maintenance services. Website maintenance services ensure that your files and database backups are performed on a regular schedule, daily or weekly, depending on the website.


website backups

Website compliant with cutting-edge technologies

Website development technologies are continuously improving to provide a better user experience. As a result, organizations with an online presence must keep an eye on the latest technology and trends and update their website to be compatible with them. Furthermore, it will assist you in making your website perform smoothly on all devices.

Improves Website Performance 

Ideally, your web pages should load within one to two seconds. Did you know that if a website takes more than two seconds to load, up to 87% of users will abandon the page? Obviously, page loading is a crucial aspect of the user experience. However, we often overlook it to accommodate new cool features or a more aesthetically pleasing website design. A sluggish website raises the bounce rate, and if users leave your website as quickly as they arrive, Google will assume your website isn’t significant and will push it down the ranks.

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Professional Website Maintenance Services

Now that we’ve established that website maintenance is essential for all websites let’s look at the benefits of using professional services to maintain your site. Of course, you can do these tasks yourself, but using a professional agency will save you time and worry for various reasons.

  • You’ll be engaging a team of professionals to do these tasks daily. As a result, they are aware of what to look for and what to anticipate.
  • You may devote your attention to other aspects of your business that require it.
  • Hiring an outside firm is both cost-effective and scalable. 

Allow Us to Assist You

Peace of mind comes from knowing that someone is always available when you need them. Secured Logics may be your team for your website maintenance, monitoring, and backup requirements. Let us maintain your site and keep it up to date and working properly so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our 24/7, 365 days a year remote website monitoring is designed to identify potential issues and provide alerts for security and technical issues that are found. Additionally, we adhere to a rigorous backup process to ensure your systems’ integrity, safety, and reliability. For more information on website maintenance and support with Secured Logics, contact us today.

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